j2 ideas & events

Ten Reasons

j2 ideas & events – The Sound Business Choice in Event Management Companies


Our people make j2 your solution.

If your business doesn't have the time, team or technique to spare, let j2's carefully-selected event planning specialists fill the gap.

The value that experience brings.

j2 is a value for money event management solution. With depth of experience comes realistic and accurate scoping, projections and advice, saving you time and money.

Ideas that work.

People come to j2 because ideas come to us… and they are proven to achieve targets.


Feel respected by a reliable partner.

Whether you talk with j2 about becoming the event organiser of a one-room function or creative director for a public celebration involving crowds in the tens of thousands, you have our attention.


Turning ideas into reality.

Being creative is not so rare as being resourceful and experienced enough to turn a creative thought into a reality: that's j2!


Consult j2, because your event needs the industry's best.

We're an industry-leading event management company, with multiple awards, and plenty of 'best', 'firsts' and 'mosts' in our record book.


Protecting you and your audience.

To ensure your reputation is upheld and we pay homage to your brand, we focus on practicality and safety.


We've made sport events management our business.

It's a little known fact that for more than a decade the j2 team has been delivering sporting event management solutions for very successful Queensland sports events.


Anywhere you need an event organiser in Australia, we'll be there.

Although we're based in Brisbane, j2 can successfully deliver events all across the country.


We build and nurture long-term relationships.

Returning clients, their glowing feedback and continual measured achievements are testament to the spirit and drive we apply to every single event.