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For government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations that outsource some or all of their event management and creative direction needs to event management companies, j2 ideas & events is your best solution, for three reasons:


Partnership… Our event consultancy team concepts creatively and strategically, sharing a partnership with you and learning about your brand and business objectives. We ensure event elements are concepted and managed in line with you achieving your business goals. In our initial briefings with you we gain a thorough understanding of what you want and how you want to be involved.


Choice… You can buy as little or as much capability from j2 as your event project requires. j2 can coordinate your whole event through conceptual planning, execution and wind-up or you can engage j2 to support your business with selected services. (See our 'menu' below).


Track record… j2 brings a consistent track record of seamless event coordination – on time, within budget and to stakeholder expectations. We can prove that event ideas we develop and manage, achieve targets.

our menu of Event services

The j2 services and solutions menu is large and varied. Versatile and deeply experienced, you benefit from realistic, accurate scoping projections and advice. Saving you time and money, j2 represents the value of experience.

The following is a sample of our services and solutions:

Creative direction

Event management and coordination

Stakeholder management

Logistics and technical production

Event styling and theming

Development of audio visual content

Entertainment and speaker negotiation and contracting

Supplier negotiation and contracting

Venue negotiation

Selection of catering and gifting

Print material design and production

Entertainer/MC travel and itinerary coordination

Briefing of MC, speakers and entertainers

Run sheet development

Development of venue and theming plans to scale

Stage management and show calling

Guest meet and greet

Sponsorship servicing

Management of media

Marketing services

Risk assessment and management

Protocol management

Environmental sustainability

Development of safety, emergency management and compliance strategies in areas such as Liquor Licensing and Workplace Health and Safety

Sourcing permits and approvals

Development of budget efficiency strategies

Accounts management

Specialised Services:

Sporting course development

Event feasibility studies

Tender preparation and evaluation

Mentoring of in-house event staff

Review of existing events

Development of online registration systems

Set and stage design

Delivery of whole-day public or tailored Events Workshop program I'm Responsible for WHAT?!