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Major Infrastructure Events

Major roads, overpasses, bypasses, bridges, tunnels and light rail – there is a quantum of capital works projects that have been undertaken between government and the private sector in Queensland during this decade.

For organisations hosting construction industry events such as building openings, official openings, public open days or major infrastructure project launch events, j2 ideas & events is a leading Brisbane event management company.

Whether we're producing tunnel tours on Australia's largest road infrastructure project or masterminding the unveiling of a city icon before a crowd of thousands (Opening of Brisbane's first city-heart pedestrian river overpass – The Goodwill Bridge), we're prepared, calm and composed.

We're even construction site ready with members of our team holding "white cards", having completed Queensland's Construction Induction (work safety).

j2's experience – protecting you and your audience

We're creative directors and event managers with multiple awards, and plenty of 'best', 'firsts' and 'mosts' in our record book.

Our risk-adverse approach ensures your reputation is upheld and that we pay homage to your brand. Importantly, we also focus on minimising and managing physical event risk and we're particularly experienced in this when managing events on construction sites and planning events in the major infrastructure project sector.

j2 is the market-leading deliverer of community engagement events and corporate events associated with major infrastructure projects. No other Queensland-based event consultancy has the same level of experience in this area as j2.

In 2013, GoldLinQ engaged j2 to design and event-manage the Gold Coast Light Rail "G:link" brand launch, and reveal of first tram. The media spectacle received widespread praise; the event benefitting from j2's expertise in creative event production on a working construction site and cooperation within a project phase of site testing and commissioning.

Thiess John Holland engaged j2 ideas & events for three years (2010 - 2012) to deliver open day events associated with Australia's largest road infrastructure project, the Airport Link Tunnel. These events have enabled thousands in our community to visit an underground working construction site, and have been delivered incident-free.

In 2012, j2 delivered another event milestone for Brisbane – the AirportlinkM7 Bridge and Tunnel Experience. AirportlinkM7's owner and operator BrisConnections engaged j2 ideas & events to design and event-manage an experience for the public to walk and view sections of AirportlinkM7 before opening to vehicular traffic.

On the weekend prior to the AirportlinkM7 Bridge and Tunnel Experience, j2 was engaged by project contractor Thiess John Holland to produce a black-tie gala inside the same stretch of AirportlinkM7 tunnel. The breathtakingly spectacular Thiess John Holland Tunnel Charity Dinner was a huge success (and the topic of a detailed case study on this j2 website in our Gallery of Events). It also raised $80,000 for charity beneficiary, The Smith Family.

We were contracted to event-manage the Opening of The Goodwill Bridge in 2001. At the time, The Goodwill Bridge was a controversial landmark due to project delays and mishaps. Following the very successful opening event, the public changed their view of the landmark, ultimately encouraging two further pedestrian bridges in Brisbane's city-heart.

examples from our major infrastructure events portfolio

Click on the experiences below to see how j2 has delivered highly successful unveilings and openings for some great Queensland landmarks.

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Official Opening of 'QIMR Central' – Queensland Institute of Medical Research new research facility