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Events of Significance

There is one type of major event, so special to a city or state's people, they're event management projects in a league of their own.

Often owned or underwritten by government or leading corporate citizens, these are the prized iconic and milestone events of our time. Well publicised with extreme expectations set upon them, providing creative direction and event management for 'events of significance' is not for the faint-hearted.

They are sometimes annual (eg Brisbane's Riverfire), but in many instances 'events of significance' are once-off celebrations (eg 20th Anniversary World Expo 88 Celebrations Charity Dinner). Either way, there's no doubt as the event manager we have only one opportunity to 'get it right'. But at j2, we're fuelled by a 'no limits' ethos so even the most creative and logistically challenged projects of the year are welcomed by our event planning team.

We help our clients perform event 'firsts' and 'bests' that win event industry awards and achieve targets. That's how we measure ourselves as one of the most creative, resourceful, versatile and reliable events management companies in the Queensland industry.

amazing your audience

Our reputation for flair has been gained by repeatedly delivering visual and sensory experiences that amaze audiences.

At the 20th Anniversary World Expo 88 Celebrations Charity Dinner, as one of 80 stage management cues during the gala dinner, we directed a horse and rider through the seating arrangement. A fondly-remembered performer at World Expo 88, the equine duo stunned guests and contributed to journeying them back through warm memories of Expo 88. (j2 also collected a National Meetings & Events Australia Award for creative direction and event management of the dinner).

For six consecutive years (2004 - 2009) Brisbane's iconic Riverfire was creatively directed by j2's Joanna Jordan. Riverfire is the most logistically complicated pyrotechnic event of its kind in Australia, rated as such for number of firing sites across roof tops, barges, and bridges among other logistic complexities. It attracts a combined live and television audience of over 1 million every year.

consult j2, because your event needs the industry's best

It is in our best interests to seek excellence in everything we do. Your success is our success. Every event counts, therefore every detail matters.

We are renowned for our attention to detail, thorough event planning, comprehensive documented procedures, and accuracy. We are never over budget and always deliver on time! And we are equally accurate in planning as we are on the ground, ensuring seamless event delivery.

examples from our portfolio involving events of significance

Click on the experiences below to see the positive impact j2 has had on these Queensland icons.

20th Anniversary World Expo 88 Celebrations Charity Dinner

The Shared Gift Fire Event – 2003 Rotary International Convention

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Thiess John Holland Tunnel Charity Dinner

Opening of The Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane


UQ Dusk Spectacle