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Community Events, Activation and Engagement

Leading land, property and infrastructure developers use community engagement events or community activation to develop a sense of community and to help connect the public with new development sites.

For new residential landmarks in particular, community events strategy is often used to highlight the 'liveability' of an area as a great place to live, work and play. j2 has built a reputation as a first choice event organiser industry provider in this area, having been the event management consultant for scores of community engagement events over the last decade.

j2's ability to exceed our client's expectations on community events programs has resulted in long associations with companies such as Stockland and securing strategic partnerships with Peet Limited and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). As a snapshot:

During our 10-year relationship with Stockland (2004 - 2013) we have delivered the annual North Lakes Carols, land release openings, black tie events, anniversary celebrations and builders awards evenings.

Our relationship with Peet (2011 - 2013), had j2 designing and implementing community activation strategies for their new Queensland based developments. j2 worked on event projects for Warner Lakes and Flagstone East developing everything from mothers' groups to Christmas carols, and Halloween to park openings.

j2 is the best at providing community open day solutions for major road infrastructure projects, facilitating safe and engaging public access to construction environments. We have delivered two Thiess John Holland Airport Link Community Open Days and Brisconnections’ AirportlinkM7 Bridge and Tunnel Experience, providing events expertise and solutions that collectively enabled around 20,000 people to visit a working underground construction site incident-free.

event strategy and its commercial value

We work with you to strategically develop an idea, translating it into an event concept that can be delivered in a practical, safe and cost effective manner. j2 adds value to events because we focus on delivering a product that aligns with your business vision and goals. We will plan events that capture your audience's attention and connect your brand with the community.

getting involved – anywhere you need us in Queensland

All events 'great and small' are important to the j2 team. We often take on projects that others put in the 'too hard basket'. So whether your community engagement events strategy involves a one-room mother's group or open day invitational expecting crowds in the hundreds, you have our attention.

With a team that is just as comfortable in steel capped boots as traditional show-manager 'blacks', we're proving to be a creative direction and event management 'fit', for any situation, especially where a diverse range of events are required by land and property developers.

Although we're based in Brisbane, j2 successfully delivers events all across the State. Our relationship with the Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has us planning the delivery and execution of a range of community engagement events across Queensland regional centres including Gladstone, Townsville and Moranbah.

examples from our community engagement events portfolio

Click on the experiences below to see how j2 has delivered programs of events for Queensland landmark developments.

North Lakes Carols

Community Engagement Events Strategy – Various land and property developments

AirportlinkM7 Bridge and Tunnel Experience

Airport Link Community Open Days