Another j2 event experience

Australia Post Queensland – Client Appreciation Party

Portfolio Classification

Conference & Incentives – Special Events

Corporate (Gala, Formal Dinner)

Location Brisbane – various
(Walter Burnett Building RNA, Moda Portside)
Year j2 involved annually 2004 - 2010
Client Australia Post Queensland (owner/underwriter)
Quick Facts


Up to 300 guests (annually)

j2 engaged for 7 consecutive annual events between 2004 and 2010


j2 ideas & events were engaged by Australia Post Queensland to produce what became a much anticipated event on the calendar of Australia Post Queensland's most significant business clientele. For seven consecutive years, j2 was responsible for all aspects of the event: creative design and direction, event management and delivery.

J2 Services and Solutions

Creative direction including annual theme selection

Event management

Venue selection and coordination

Menu design and selection

Design of suite of print material including teaser, invitation, place card and menu

Entertainment selection and management

Lighting and audiovisual design and management of contractors

Table and room theming

Gifting creative strategy, component sourcing and assembly

Production and stage management and oversight of event from bump in through bump out

Budget management and cost control

Risk mitigation and management


Level of Complexity

Each year details of the party were kept tightly under wraps until the night to maximise audience anticipation and expectation. The theme only was revealed in the invitation to allow guests to dress and prepare for the occasion (typically requiring costume); every other aspect was a surprise.

Key Achievements

Spectacular theming concepts were translated into fit-out and presentation. Some of the themes included:

a fiery Cuban Salsa club;

re-creation of the legendary Coconut Grove Hollywood night club (circa 1930);

a futuristic event built around the many interpretations of 'star gazing'; and

a masquerade ball with a modern twist.

Guests were annually presented with a substantial gift at end of evening, in keeping with the respective theme. A project of its own, the resulting packaging and combination of edible, practical and memento contents were generated through creativity and resourcefulness.