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Protecting You – Minimising Event Risk

To ensure your reputation is upheld and that we pay homage to your brand, we focus on practicality and safety.

Sensible, practical and safe are words synonymous with j2. We are risk adverse and do everything within our power to minimise risk and ensure appropriate incident management procedures are in place. We perform a risk assessment for every event in accordance with national standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.

Both remunerated and volunteer resources are briefed in incident management and reporting. During event delivery, we have an established chain of command. Radio communications (where appropriate) ensures immediate contact between the whole event team including management, security, medical, cleaning and other key roles.

First aid is in place during all event build, delivery and dismantle phases. At a minimum all j2 full-time event managers have up-to-date first aid and CPR certification. For sporting events, we contract specialist medical resources from companies within our network, who have a demonstrated track record of success in the event environment.


j2 holds a certificate of Occupational Health and Safety pre-qualification (Category Two) obtained through Cm3.

Cm3 has been developed by Noel Arnold & Associates, one of Australia's leading specialists in occupational health and safety risk management.

Cm3 is an online prequalification assessment of a contractor's health and safety management capability.

Cm3 gives organisations the assurance that the contractors they engage have an OHS management system that has been reviewed by qualified OHS specialists and enables organisations to have an understanding of a contractor's occupational health and safety capability prior to them commencing work.


We're construction site ready with members of our team holding "white cards", having completed Queensland's Construction Induction (work safety).

This means that j2 ideas & events is the ideal Brisbane event management company to work with organisations hosting construction industry events such as building openings, official openings, public open days or major infrastructure project launch events.

permission please?

We prevent the risk of fines from non-compliance by assessing whether licenses, permits and other permissions are required for any aspects of your event. This may include considerations such as:

venue hiring agreements

land use permits

road closure permits

liquor licensing laws

tobacco laws (especially suitable allocation of Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas)

intellectual property, trademarking and copyright law (eg music licensing bodies APRA, AMCOS, ARIA)

public and product liability insurance relevance for contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and participants

project managing payment terms, compliance and remittance to all contractors


Passionate about event management being delivered to standards that are expected by law and industry best practice, j2 launched to market (in 2014) a one-day workshop for event professionals titled I'm Responsible for WHAT?!

Learn more about our Events Workshops here.

j2's first sold-out Workshop in March garnered praise from attendees, with 100% of survey respondents indicating that the Workshop had prompted them to change their event practices.

A significant portion of this Workshop presentation is guiding event professionals through practical application of responsibilities in the event context, and providing in-depth logistical tips for safe event operations across all types of event settings.