j2 ideas & events

About J2

j2 ideas & events is a Brisbane event management company, with a speciality in event creative direction.

Essentially, j2 is in the business of delivering strategic and operational solutions that involve event design, ideas generation, and managing the delivery of an event from concepts to production and post-event debriefing. Our menu of event planning services and solutions is large and varied, tailored for each client and event.

Although both client and event are 'individuals' with their own identity, there are essential needs we answer for all event consultancy projects:

creativity and the resourcefulness to turn ideas into reality;

operational experience;

effective people and project management; and

a risk-adverse approach.

Riverfire – the most logistically challenging pyrotechnics event in Australia; AirportlinkM7 Bridge and Tunnel Experience – a community open day for Australia's largest road infrastructure project; MS Brissie to the Bay – Queensland's largest participation charity bike ride; and 1500-guest, award-winning SU QLD Frontline Chaplaincy Appeal Dinner: j2 is a creative director and event manager for this scale and diversity of project.

Reach your targets

While polar opposites in type and size from one project to the next, the kaleidoscopic portfolio of events that j2 is involved with share a common element: they have strategic objectives.

j2 adds value to events because we focus on delivering a product that aligns with your (the event owner's) vision and goals. This is vital for planning events that capture your audience's attention and meet stakeholders' expectations.

Achieve maximum impact

The projects we take on differ from one to the next, yet every event shares a common need for 'atmosphere'… the goose bumps on your flesh, the tingle up your spine, the warm glow of being glad you came along.

Our specialty is creating the mood that's right for you and achieves maximum impact.

feel respected by a reliable partner

Whether you talk with j2 about a one-room function or a public celebration involving crowds in the tens of thousands, you have our attention.

Think of j2 as an extension to your business. We will treat you and your event needs in an exclusive manner. Our focus is on strategic alignment of your project with your unique business brand.

In our initial and ongoing briefings with you, we will gain a further understanding of what you want from your event and how you want to be involved. Clarifying this means – in true partnership – we can divide and conquer.

Returning clients, their glowing testimonials and continual measured achievements are testament to the spirit and drive we apply to every single event.

It is in our best interests to seek excellence in everything we do; every event counts. Our clients may rest assured that every detail matters to j2.

We are confident j2's involvement in your event will ensure your success.

ideas that work

People come to j2 because ideas come to us. We trade in creative inspiration. When you're all out of ideas or drawing a blank and yearn for the unique and impossible, call j2.

We work with you to strategically develop an idea, translating it into an event concept that can be delivered in a cost effective manner.

Focusing on your needs, we concept and plan so that the final event outcomes have meaningful impact that aligns with your business goals and vision.